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During construstion the Mansfield Road West Bridge will be out at the New Jersey Turnpike Ramp.

Bridge Construction

Expect delays on West Main Street during bridge work.

Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for the planning, analysis and coordination of traffic safety related issues, routine and targeted traffic enforcement, traffic safety education, accident investigation and traffic engineering. The Unit is under the administrative command of Sgt. Don Mathews. 

Crash Reconstruction Unit

This unit is On-Call 24/7 and respond to, and investigate all fatal or other serious accidents which may require their expertise in accident reconstruction.



Traffic Issues Hotline

The unit monitors an e-mail account that permits residents to leave information or voice their concerns about traffic related issues.
Note: This e-mail account is not for emergent situations. For situation requiring immediate response, please dial 9-1-1.

Road Detours and Construction

  1. Bridge Work: Expect delays and road pattern changes on West Main Street before intersection with Atlantic Ave.
  2. Road Resurfacing: Gaunts Bridge Road from the Intersection with School House Road to Rt. 68.
  3. Road Resurfacing: Georgetown Road from Rt. 68 to Herman Black Road.

Don't Drink and Drive

bullet Community Policing Unit
bullet Traffic Unit


Mansfield Township Director of Public Safety, Richard Bendel stated, "The members of our Department are dedicated to taking dangerous drivers off of the roadways. We will continue to work to keep our highways safe for everyone."

The Mansfield Township Police Department offers the following advice:

*Be responsible and don't risk it ... you will be caught
*If you plan to drink, choose a designated driver before going out
*Take mass transit, a taxicab, or ask a sober friend to drive you home
*Spend a night where the activity is held
*Report impaired drivers to law enforcement
*Always buckle-up ... it is your best defense against an impaired driver

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General Information

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bullet Child Seats
bullet Motor Vehicle Points
bullet Regulations Pertaining to Low Speed Vehicles (Golf Carts)
bullet NJ Helmet Laws-Under 17 Years of Age (Parental responsibility)
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